1. tofuvi:

for a friend: a dress spun from sunset.


    for a friend: a dress spun from sunset.

  2. brngrmln:


    after long minutes of in depth youtube research i have learned that japanese vine girl’s name is reika ozeki. here’s a compilation with some subtitles :o


  3. obesitycore:

    the really shitty thing about being told that you’re smart your whole entire life is that as soon as you don’t understand something you just kind of completely shut down and his this big shitty crisis because maybe you’re not as smart as you’ve always been told 

  4. everydaylouie:

    "will i ever make it?…"

  5. pepperonccini:

    I always wanted to try redrawing a screen capture meme thing. When I saw this picture of Chibi Usa I knew this was the one picture I wanted to try this on first. I love pink hair, I might make this a poster for Saboten.

  6. hippopotalust:

    Images by Johan Kuno

  7. Up (2009) concept art

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  8. whisper-s-of-the-heart:

    My Neighbor Totoro scenery

  9. bae0netta:

    League of Legends: Ladies of The League 

    Part I / ?

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  10. I’m the jealous type. You wanna know why? Because we started off as ‘just friends’ too.


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    well damn

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  11. azidraws:

    Reverse Fishing

    This is a quick test piece I did while drafting up a much larger version. It was to see if the image still worked if flipped because in the end, I want to give the viewer the choice of the old fisherman’s experience, or the sea creature’s.

Witches going to their Sabbath by Luis Ricardo Falero (1878) from Beauty by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

    Witches going to their Sabbath by Luis Ricardo Falero (1878) from Beauty by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

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  13. asylum-art:

    The Beauty Of Wat Rong Khun Temple

    Wat Rong Khun temple is unique in that it was built entirely in white with reflection triggering of luminous glass mosaic mirrors embedded in the white plaster. The temple is an idea Mr Chalermchai Kositpipat, one of Thailand’s most famous artists, who wanted to build a temple all in white to signify the purity of the Buddha. It’s a Buddhist temple located in Northern Thailand just outside the city of Chiang Rai. The artist continues to puts his religious beliefs and his desire to enrich Buddhism in Thailand into the design of contemporary art. Construction of the White Temple is Khun Chalemchai master work, which he described as an offering to the Buddha and his beloved country

    This temple designed by the architect in 1997 by the former a former painter, Chalermchai Kositpipat, stunning temples are such that with a combination of traditional Thai architecture and surrealism or fantasy

  14. leahnybree11:


    First time experiencing the rain.

    This gets me every time

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